Monday, February 16, 2009

The Major Arcana cards

The Fool (0)
The Fool-Vidushak(Indian name )

The Card – The Interpretation

The Fool is an interesting archetypal that marks the beginning of a life journey culminating in the World card. The Fool is a spirit in search of experience. The Fool’s journey stands for new experiences, beginnings, spontaneity, optimism, purity of purpose and unconventional thought process and symbolises, a journey into self knowledge .

This card indicates problems that may arise from extreme restlessness, ill considered decisions, confusion and poor application of life energies. Lack of focus, apathy and single mindedness can lead to trouble. Symbolically, the fool can be understood as one who is naïve and lacking in forethought. Discipline and grounding are needed to achieve your life purpose...

Vidushak- The Saga

The Vidushak is a blend of "the clown of Sanskrit plays and a folk performer in Indian Mythology. Vidushak is a natgiri, a vagabond and is a wise character who delivers a constructive message to society in a light and spiritual vein. The Vidushak is the first card of the major arcana and from a symbolic perspective, this archetype represents a spiritual life journey beginning at the base level of physical survival to lessons in self-empowerment, self – discovery, generosity, compassion, and self-esteem .


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