Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Sacred Indian Tarot

THE Sacred Indian TAROT © 2009 Kiren Rai displayed here for comment and appreciation only.

"The Sacred Indian Tarot "
Symbols, Images and Icons from Indian Philosophy and Mythology
Kiren Rai

This First ever deck of Indian cards combine the classic symbolism of the Norse Tarot with the aesthetic mastery of Indian culture and mythology.

As an avid collector of tarot decks from all over the world, I have an interesting collection of tarot decks collected over the years, from all over the world. I have around fifty tarot decks , my most treasured ones being a Chinese tarot deck with the most amazing artwork, an Egyptian book of tarots, the rare Garuda cards from Indonesia and others such quaint decks.

On looking for an Indian deck of tarot cards, I could find available only the Kama Sutra cards and the Osho cards which are undoubtedly beautiful, but limited in their range . Considering that India has such a rich tradition of divination, I decided to put together an Indian book of tarots cards, using Indian images to represent the classic tarot prototypes. There is a strong similarity between the early tenets of tarot and the Hindu belief in karma as a regenerative process of consciousness. It is this principle that form the archetypes of the tarot and are AN integral part of The Sacred Indian Tarot

The Sacred Indian Tarot contains twenty-two unique hand painted cards with archetypes taken from Indian epics and mythology . The structure, nomenclature of the major arcana remains the same, however the figures used to represent them are taken from Indian icons, symbols and rituals, giving the subject an entirely Indian understanding.

So for instance, the “High Priestess” a powerful intuitive feminine force has been represented by an Indian prototype, Shakti. Shakti the active, dynamic feminine power is synonymous with the “High Priestess” who manifests, sustains, and transforms the universe.

The fearsome eyes and skull of Yama, represents the “Death “card. Yama like the “Death “ card personifies the consequences of mistaking our temporary delusions for our true selves. Every mental and physical possession with which we identify will one day come to an end. “The Fool “ finds its prototype in the Vidushak, “The Emperor “ in Purusha, , “Sun” in Surya, the “Moon “ in Chan drama and various other characterizations.

The book also explains the significance of each archetype and its importance in the construction of the Indian deck of cards. Each card comes with a detailed interpretation, a reversed meaning and a saga of the Indian archetype in a booklet that comes along with the deck of cards .

For the beginner, the book provides an exhaustive guide on how to use the tarot, complete with a basic guide to the meaning of each card. The Sacred Indian Tarot can be used to gain a refreshing insight into love and relationships, finances, career planning and much more.


  1. Namaste !!!!!!!!!( An Indian Greeting to you all)

    I India has a strong tradition of divination and the archetypes of the tarot are universal to all cultures . The deck -The Sacred Indian Tarot -- has been created with a unique Indian perspective ------have a look and post your comments

  2. its a beautiful set of illustrations. great concept.

  3. Amazing work.....
    Loved every bit of it.
    Wishing you all the success in this venture.

  4. I love the artwork ...
    (just came through you site from my blog where you posted a comment :D)
    I love decks with vibrant colors, and those cards are striking !


    1. Hey Jayce

      would love to send you a deck tell me how to reach you

  5. Amazing art, beautiful packing makes it a complete Indian deck. The expressive design of cards make them very elaborated. Make feels like sitting in old Indian temple. A must have deck for Indian Tarot cards readers.
    Thank you very much.

  6. Thanks Ashish , are you still using the book for your personalised tarot readings , have not heard from you in a bit

  7. Would love to go through this. I'm writing a fiction book on a girl who reads Tarot. Would love more info on this. Amazon has run out of these packs. Where else can I find them?

  8. Would love to go through this. I'm writing a fiction book on a girl who reads Tarot. Would love more info on this. Amazon has run out of these packs. Where else can I find them?