Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Magician --Usha The Godess of Dawn

An interesting deviation in this deck is that the Magician has been represented by a female figure, in the form of an Indian deity Usha, the goddess of Dawn .
Usha is effervescent , vibrant and she is the life and health of all things, being born everyday and yet she is an immortal being. According to me a female archetype best understands that rebirth occurs in each moment and represents the meaning of the card to its fullest -- Usha , The Magician stands for being able to realize ones potential and making possible what's real by using ones talents to their best potential . The halo in this hand painted card is a symbol of infinity that shows the cosmic connection to all things in the universe. Here a paean sung to the goddess and epitomises The Magician so beautifully .
Usha is magical as she stirs all creatures that have feet, and makes the birds of air fly up. She brings not just light to the sleeping mankind, but hope, happiness, riches and all the good things. Goddess of light and If you want to achieve your highest possible destiny become a magus of sorts to yourself. You have the intelligence, knowledge, strength, resources and organizational skills to make your dreams come true. By setting specific and attainable goals, the Magician utilizes his great knowledge and wisdom to succeed where others have failed.
The card when it appears in your reading gives you the power to tap into your potential and the realization that we are all born with all the resources to live our lives to the utmost .

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